9 literary journals that want your poems – now!

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One of the things I like to do in my leisure time is to brows some very interesting online literary magazines as it helps in my inspiration but I also like to be informed about the newest trends in literature and writing styles.

As a result of my research I managed to compile a list of 9 magazines that pretty much on regular basis accept submissions for new poems and prose, and of course you might find some of them interesting in your publication process.

So here it is:

1.Hootreview. This is maybe one of my favorite. They focus on a micropoetry and microfiction, giving a real chance to aspiring writers.

2.32poems. They accept unsolicited poetry year round and also simultaneous submissions. As a rule, preference is given to shorter poems that fit on a single page (about 32 lines). For more visit their guidelines page.

3.Aleola journal of…

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Story of the Week: To Die For by Connie Fick


To Die For by Connie Fick

power and control wheel


There was a picture on the wall of three stone-coloured umbrellas. Spread out under each other, they protected against drops of rain that represented Satan. The umbrellas were a sacred image of the divine order. God’s umbrella was uppermost, the biggest to protect and encompass all. Underneath Him was a slightly smaller umbrella for the husband. If you blinked it was the same size as the first one. Underneath both was the smallest, the place of women, children and home-making activities.

Her blood spatter was next to the picture. The impact of her head against the wall had broken the skin, causing blood to fly. Head-butted, her nose was bleeding, her lip too. Their dance, which had started in the kitchen, had moved to the lounge.

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