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So, you want to publish a book. People will tell you that there has never been a better time to be an author. But, for me at least, there has never been a more confusing time.

There are so many options and if you aren’t careful some shady businesses will charge you for services that are freely available – if you only knew where to look.

I published a collection of stories recently. Leading up to that has been a steep learning curve. I had to look for an editor, find a cover designer, another one for the layout, etc. After that I was so happy when my book went live, but then came the marketing!

Somehow you think that people will just find your book but they don’t.

To pass on what I’ve learned I plan to write a series on publishing. As an older writer I had to build a social media platform when I knew little or next to nothing about it.

But before we start…

Make it perfect

Or as close to perfect as possible. Before you even think of publishing, please polish your manuscript. There are so many books out there that give self-publishing a bad name. You don’t want to contribute to that. Get feedback from beta readers, check your spelling and grammar, get a good editor. Do the hard work, because when your book is out there people will take criticizing it very seriously.

Already there is a lot of good content out there which I will list below. Where it’s appropriate I will re-blog another author’s content (with their permission of course).

See you next time!

Alliance of Independent authors

In the meantime you can browse the great advice given by ALLi, The Alliance of independent authors.

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