New me

I started working on a PhD this year and it has been a revelation. My observation thus far is: a PhD makes you realize that you don’t know what you’re doing. It makes you realize that you are not as clever as you thought you were.

So the new humble me is ferreting out information and trying to fit it into a jigsaw puzzle (my thesis). I hope I can find my way enough to finish this thing. At the back of my mind is the scholarship that should be paid back, with interest, if I don’t complete it. Jô, I don’t have that kind of money. And dying is not an option, if it kills me I can’t leave that debt burden to my family.

The only way to be me is to survive. That has been my motto these past few decades (ahem – yourl know I’m much older than that nê?). So it’s onwards and forwards. At the end of it I hope to walk across a stage swinging a red cape that reaches to my shoes on account of me being so short, with a cute little tassel dangling down the side of my face.

But first, the hard work.


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