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My debut collection of short stories originated during the MA Creative Writing course at Rhodes University in 2014. I want to share some of my insights about the course written in my reflective journal:

1 April
I started re-reading Tolstoy. My initial impression was that it is a beautiful novel. On the second reading I want to find out why I thought so, and see how it is put together.
I noticed that the writer is very opinionated and includes this in his novel. I’m also opinionated (I give my opinion long after I should shut up) so this is something that I can relate to and explore in my own writing.
The only problem is, this is a man giving an opinion. Will people accept the same from a woman?

3 April
The online session was very interesting. I realized how little I know about monologues. While reading mine to the group I realized that it was too long… and boring. I have to rewrite it so that it comes alive.
But I really enjoyed writing a little play. A fifteen minute play Anton (the facilitator) said it was. I’ve never written one before and I had so much fun. Playing with lights and music felt like a child with a new toy.

8 April
The poetry assignment looks intimidating…

13 April
I keep going back to my poems, rewriting, deleting and putting back the deleted stuff. I have just put in a question mark and then deleted it. No guys, this is obsessive. I’m just going to look at it for the last time and post it.

14 April
Help! I’m addicted to the Oscar Pistorius murder trial. I have the best intentions. I’m going to write the whole day and look at it only after six. Then I think, I’ll just watch for one hour during my lunch break. Then I can’t wrench myself away. I’m fascinated by the interplay of different personalities that can result in murder.
Note to self: Get on with your reading!

As you can see, it was quite a journey and I enjoyed every minute of it. It sounds like a cliche but I found myself during this course.

The result:

Eye of a Needle: And other stories 


Some reviews:

Cornelia Fick is a writer who is mastering the art of observation to give us stories that throw open the lives of the hidden, the down-trodden and the lesser people. Eben Venter

A truly beautiful collection that deserves its place on any literary-lover’s bookshelf.  T. Williams.

You can buy a copy here

To make it easy for South Africans, it is also available at

Bridge Books



For children:

Courage the mouse (for children 7-9)