How to submit a short story

As promised the follow-up on how to submit a short story. First we have to make sure it is our best work. The following websites are helpful to achieve this goal:

For plotting, writers block, revision techniques, writing mistakes, writing prompts, etc.
Free downloads, exercises and advice from

Writer’s digest

12 lessons learned from writing short fiction

Writer’s in the Storm

Ten things editors look for

The Review Review

My own advice

  1. Write every day. It sounds like a cliche but it’s the only way to master your craft.
    2. Set aside time for writing and don’t allow anything or anybody to intrude on your writing time. Friends won’t think writing is a real job so prepare to be firm.
    3. If you write in English and it’s not your first language, get a book on English grammar and learn the language.
    4. Observe people, how they walk, carry themselves, smile and go about their lives. You can tell a lot about a person by looking at their body.
    5. Listen carefully when people speak, not only what they are saying but how they say it, what they do while saying it, etc. It will be invaluable when you have to write dialogue.
    6. Find your own way into the story. Some people plan their stories and others just dive in. Find out what works for you.
    7. Don’t be swayed by the glamorous idea of being a writer. Writing is hard work that requires commitment. Being creative in the face of a looming deadline is not for the weak-kneed.
    8. Don’t talk about an idea for a story before you write it. Let it grow organically in your imagination. Talking about it will disturb this process.
    9. Learn how to handle rejection. It is painful but necessary, otherwise how will you grow to become a better writer. But don’t allow someone to kill your writing dream. It is always just the opinion of one person.
    10. If you have accomplished your dream and published, take a deep breath and congratulate yourself!

When the story is ready to be sent out into the world then I format it in this way

Good luck with your story. Till next time. Stay well and keep writing.

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