Submissions for anthology

I’m pleased to work on this project 🙂


Submissions should be in the form of articles, essays, interviews, personal memoirs, eulogies, biographies, and visual images (paintings, posters, photographs, etc.)
Submission of material is open to all participants regardless of nationality.
Submissions should bear the contributor’s full names, address, email address and telephone numbers. Blind copies of the submissions are not necessary.
The material should not have been previously published elsewhere in the current format and/or currently sent to other publication for consideration.
Once submitted, the material will be distributed to three Contributing Editors for round-robin evaluation and decision. The submission should be supported by at least two Contributing Editors for suitability for publishing. However, the Editor has the final discretion over the suitability or otherwise of the material for various considerations. Once approved for publishing, the contributor will be notified officially in writing by the Editor.
A maximum of two submissions is entitled to the contributor provided they address two different themes, respectively.
Although cross-cutting but by no means not exhaustive, the six themes identified are: Politics of the arts for colonial exemption (1916-’56); King Kong musical and its impact on the arts and society (1950-’90); Cinema, print and broadcast media and the enterprise of Black struggle (1916-2016); Cultural boycott and international isolation of South Africa (1960-2000); Three decades of fire (1960-1990s), and; Politics and the arts in a post-Apartheid South Africa (1994-2016). Other themes not disclosed herein but related to the topic are accepted.
The medium of communication for submission is any of South Africa’s eleven official languages subject to accompaniment by, where possible, English translation in the event the original/primary language used is not English.
There are no prescriptions on style and format of the submissions provided the presentations are of good quality and, where applicable, referenced accordingly in contributors’ preferred Harvard style/version that accommodates footnotes and endnotes provided they don’t detract from the texts. The length should be a maximum of 6000 words or less.
Once submissions have been officially accepted as suitable for publishing, negotiations for remunerations and intellectual property/copy rights issues will be entered into with successful contributors in the next phase of the project from June 2020 onwards. The next phase entails the formatting, printing, publishing and launching of the book.
Deadlines for submissions is on or before 15 April 2020 and should be mailed electronically to
Further enquiries also be directed to the afore-mentioned email address.

3 thoughts on “Submissions for anthology

      1. That would be a wonderful area to explore, if I had time to do so. Unfortunately, at present I’m up to my eyeballs with projects relating to innovation and entrepreneurship. But I hope to see the result of this book project, one day. 🙂


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