Updating my CV

I spent the better part of the day updating my CV. It’s a lot of work! I had to check when certain things were published, etc.

Then I read online about the cover letter, how it’s supposed to be like a marketing tool to help you get that dream job. For someone who struggles to promote herself it has been a nightmare. Either I come across as too prideful or too modest. I can never quite find that middle ground.

However, the good thing about updating my CV is that, at a time when I feel quite down because of Covid, it demonstrated that I have achieved a great deal. I had quite a few poems published in magazines and anthologies.

The cherry on the cake for me is the publication of a seminal work ‘Culture and the Liberation Struggle in South Africa: from colonialism to post-apartheid’. I was a contributing editor and it makes me proud to be part of such an important book.

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