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‘The collection of stories Eye of a needle offers an intriguing, humane, and often poignant insight into the lives and moments of a variety of characters in a range of situations. The thirty-nine stories vary in length and type quite widely, from experimental one-line stories to more personal narratives. They often focus on women in abusive relationships, or women who are caught in circumstances which are inevitably disadvantageous or harmful to them, owing to their societal status (as women). Class, race and gender intersect to compound the characters’ sense of subjugation. Some of the stories are approached subtly or tangentially, with the use of fantasy or experimental devices: meta fiction, stream of consciousness, punctuation etc.; but mostly the explication of the theme is through a realist frame.’

‘The collection is robust,  interesting and written with a compassionate eye; this latter point being its greatest strength.’

(Comments from my examiners)

The eBook Eye of a needle will be published on 30 September 2016. Pre-order:

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