Review Eye of a Needle

Fick’s Eye of a Needle is a delightful assemblage of passionate, probing layers. It’s a compelling re-imagination of our lived experiences … fear, desire, weakness, happiness, grief, strength, love, abuse, poverty.  And more.

It eschews in places the normal, disrupting convention, hard-at-work to extract melody from the unsuspecting coatings of words; boldly gripping the reader through the witty and tantalising opening lines of the at times very, very short stories.

This here is an exhibition of artistry, an unforced arrangement of words to effect music; there is thought-provocation, and there is fun, altogether marvellously interlaced to transmute, to stir, to shake. Riveting, Eye of a Needle is as garden-fresh as it is daring. Snatch it to meet your neighbour, your colleague, and (perhaps) yourself.

Eye of a Needle is a mouth-watering, winning pleasure!


Maruping Phepheng was born in Christiana, North West Province. He wrote and published three novels – What Happens In Hankaroo…Of Anger and Revenge, and Tlhokaina. He also wrote and published an anthology of short stories called Nightfall. His other work appears in leading literary platforms like Carapace, Ons Klyntji, New Coin and Tyhini. He holds an MA in Creative Writing from Rhodes University.

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