The nicest rejection letter

Do you know how you hesitate to open an email from a magazine or journal where you’ve submitted your work because you can’t stand the punched-in-the gut feeling when you read some of them? Especially when you’re as brave as a mouse and each rejection letter makes your courage plummet and you ask, Why do you do this to yourself.

Well, I just received the following letter and I feel encouraged:

Dear Connie Fick,

The editors of ….. are honored that you chose to share your work with us.
Although your submission had many strengths, it does not meet our needs for this year’s issue. Nonetheless, we are grateful that you thought of us, and we hope you will consider ….. when submitting your work in the future.

We accept only one submission from each writer during the regular reading period, but you would be welcome to submit again for the …….’ Contest, which opens for submissions September 1.

Thank you for your interest in ….. We’d love to stay connected via Facebook, @…, and/or to see you at one or more of our events this year.

Best wishes,

The Editors of ….. Poetry


2 thoughts on “The nicest rejection letter

  1. Oh, wow! This is an encouraging and nice rejection, indeed. It always feels good, when an editor takes time to write a personal note than just forwarding an automated rejection. You definitely must consider submitting again to this nice magazine. 🙂 All the best with your writing!

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