The Fourth Stage

One of my stories was published in Spelk


by Cornelia Fick

Aunt Janet choked on her beer, and then wagged a finger at her husband, Ted. “I hope the worms eat you ragged, you swine. I hope they start on your soft parts.”

“That was uncalled for,” her daughter, Elle, said.

Aunt Janet, Elle and two other women were sitting on kitchen chairs in a semi-circle under a peach tree. The meaty smoke from the barbeque enveloped them. They were celebrating Aunt Janet’s seventy-fifth birthday.

Once proud and beautiful, Aunt Janet had become a bony woman who couldn’t wait for the morning to put on her brown coat in search of brandy. Flecks of discoloured skin on her lips were wet with spittle. “He had a child with a woman in my church,” she continued. “He slept with all the women in the Mother’s Union.”

“He was a good father,” Elle said, desperate to believe in a man…

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4 thoughts on “The Fourth Stage

    1. What a wonderful story! Aunt Jane made me chuckle from the very first paragraph.😊 Your character depiction is just brilliant, it makes me feel like I know these people. In fact, now that I think about it, it’s how I felt reading short story book.

      Your writing is amazing. Congrats once again for the publication!🙌🏽

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